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My Journey into Physiotherapy:

I have always been a keen sportswoman, having played badminton, squash and tennis as a child, moving on to play rugby and attending England Student Trials.  Skiing is a huge winter passion of mine.  Throughout the year I cycle regularly and have participated in several 100km+ events in the last few years.

As a teenager I sustained a broken ankle whilst playing rugby. I needed a fast and effective recovery in order to complete an expedition in the French alps six weeks after coming out of plaster.  Receiving Physiotherapy enabled me to achieve that goal and the impact was powerful - I knew I wanted it to be my future career.

From graduation and beyond: varied workplace exposure, Pilates specialisation and more:

I trained at the Manchester School of Physiotherapy between 1999-2002 and gained a 1st class honours degree.  My work experience included time working at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Manchester United Football Club.  From qualifying to 2002, I worked in the NHS until 2007 and then moved out to Germany which allowed me to work the MOD with Army Personnel and their families.

On moving back to the UK in 2009, I worked in a variety of settings: MOD, NHS & Private Sector.  This is where my desire to work in an environment where more clinical time was available to offer a quality service became a priority as did my drive to pursue Pilates qualifications.

I trained with the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute) in 2012 completing the Matwork series for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises as well as class instructor.  Knowing there was a need for more options for treatment for antenatal clients I trained in “physiotherapy in the childbearing year” and “antenatal and postnatal Pilates".

Pilates has now become a specialist area for me due to the wide benefits it offers for rehabilitation and performance enhancement.  For further development, I have trained in more specific pilates provision including; Pilates for runners, Pilates for cyclists and Pilates for shoulder rehabilitation.  The holistic approach of Pilates in assessing body movement and control is an essential part of the way that I work.  It ensures clients understand their body and how to gain/re-gain or develop better control to recover from or prevent injury as well as optimise performance.  I became a fully Certified APPI Instructor in January 2020.

As a keen cyclist, I've had a bike fit, so the logical step was to offer this service and I conducted my training in 2017. This provision enables not just the bike adjustments needed for optimal comfort and performance, but assesses the body so I can advise on exercises to improve flexibility and strength  - on and off the bike.

Along with offering running assessments, I have the opportunity to address huge aspects of rehabilitation.

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Because I am all about you and your goals

I am a passionate believer in allowing more time at the initial Physiotherapy assessment to establish an appropriate treatment plan and reduce the overall length of time your treatment.  This is one of the reasons I had to leave the time pressures of the NHS.  Giving you back the control of your body through understanding, not just the symptoms but whey they have arisen is paramount to good rehabilitation and you achieving your goals.

This is why I allow 1 hour for my initial Physiotherapy assessments when other clinics would only allow 45 minutes: to ensure the quality of your care and value for money.

For Pilates, I insist on a 1:1 assessment before joining classes to establish how your body moves, compensations that are evident and what areas need to be focused on.  Experience has shown that for a thorough 1:1 assessment, it takes 75minutes.  From the session, you leave with an understanding of the Pilates key principles to gain the most from the classes.  It is especially important for postnatal patients or for anyone with any particular medical background that can impact on the appropriate selection of exercises or identify if further 1:1 sessions would be more appropriate for you

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