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Restore movement and function

Through Physiotherapy, you can achieve your goals, whether that is to be painfree, improve posture or run a marathon.

The aim is to get you active and more in control of your body. A phrase that I learnt on a course was “motion is lotion” and couldn’t be more true.  Regaining your ability to move well is paramount to your recovery and function.

You will be treated as an individual with your needs and goals being addressed.  

Physiotherapy treatments offered may include:

  • Massage – deep tissue and trigger point release

  • Joint mobilisations and manual therapy

  • Pilates

  • Taping

  • Personal rehabilitation exercise programmes

  • Gait analysis or running assessment

  • Posture advice and education

  • Pacing advice and activity modification

  • Road bike fitting (functional assessment and bike adjustments)

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One of the great things about Physiotherapy is that is can be adapted to the needs of all.  

Some examples of those I work frequently with are:

Workers: from desk-based to manual labourer, teachers to technicians, treatment can be adapted for all

Weekend Warriors: those who only have time to exercise at weekends and when they do, they exercise hard

Sportsmen & Women: be it social and recreational to elite level athletes.  

I have lots of experience especially working withrunners, cyclists and horse riders.

U3A: Keeping active in later life is key for bone health and wellbeing.  

The importance of weight-bearing exercises is paramount.

Parents and Grandparents:  Helping with the challenges of young children and playing on your knees, to ferrying

them around or watching them at sports matches.  

It all places demands on the body that can be helped with Physiotherapy and Pilates

Ante & Post Natal:  The importance of maintaining your core strength through pregnancy and beyond & prevention of

pelvic floor issues in later life, postures associated with feeding, nappy changing and moving little ones around.

And everyone else in between! Your body, your needs, your personal goals and independence 

About Physiotherapy: About Me
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