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Feeling the benefits...

"I loved the combination of arm and leg workout, and the level of challenge was just stretching enough for me to achieve, but feel like I was pushing myself. Thank you for another great class!"

"Your class is the high point of the week for me"

"I’m really enjoying the classes, thank you.

The outdoor class was great and added a wonderful mindful element too"

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Weekly releases

Beginner, intermediate & advanced

Antenatal & Postnatal


How to access the videos:

I upload the videos to youtube and send out the link to subscribers.

Videos will be available for 7 days from their release date via mobile device or smart TV.

How to subscribe:


£25/month by standing order

£30/month for pay-by-month

Antenatal Classes:

£30/month by standing order

£35/month for pay-by-month

(up to 35 weeks then flexible approach applied)

Both subscriptions are for one class/week & can be viewed multiple times

Live sessions.  

These are currently available on a 1:1 basis.  Please contact me to discuss further


A pilates 1:1 assessment


for those who are “inherently healthy with no underlying health issues” by completion of a client-completed

screening check list (as supported by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy)

New injuries/illness

As there isn’t a sign in sheet, please note the following:

- Please advice me of any new aches and pains prior to commencing the class

so I can advise on any exercises to avoid &/or offer alternatives


- If there is any medical concern about your involvement in the class,

please discuss this with your GP prior to commencing the class


- do not push any of the exercises in to pain


- do the exercises at the appropriate level to you and do not be tempted to push yourself too hard

as you will enhance compensations and put yourself at risk of injury


- if you suffer discomfort during any of the exercises, STOP that exercise and make a note of which exercise

was causing discomfort.  Please contact me so we can discuss it and I can give appropriate guidance.


These are your classes and it is imperative you get the most from them.  

If you have any feedback about the sessions or how they are being delivered,

please let me know so I can develop them and make them better for you.  

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